the doctor.

'What?' he demands indignantly of no one in particular. 'What?!'

000 ▌IC Contact [Mobile]
idiots: on the phone

'Hello, you've reached the Doctor. Somehow. Can't imagine why I haven't picked up the mobile, but if it's an emergency, there's really a number of ways to get in touch. Well, sort of. Wellll, if you know me. Clearly you do. You're welcome to leave a message though. Can't say as I'll remember to check often; tend towards the busy. Though perhaps not so much here. Pretty sure I'm about to run o-'

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000 ▌OOC [HMD]
well: not bad

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The Doctor was taken from the last moments of The End of Time Part II; after experiencing the first part of the regeneration process, rather than waking up in a new body, he awoke to find himself here.
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Please seriously feel free to give constructive criticism; I get painfully self-conscious about my portrayal sometimes.

024 ▌Accidental Recording [video]
idiots: tell me you're not archaeologist
[The Doctor has, thus far, conspicuously been absent from the flat and work and life in general this morning. There's a very good reason for this. Right now he's taking advantage of it being the middle of the day and being the only person in the flat to be in the hammock watching tv with the blanket pulled up to his eyeballs, as all sick people do. Also as all sick people, he's alternating between calling the people in the programmes idiots, and napping. Right now it's more the latter.]

023 ▌No recording [action]
action: sonicing
[The Doctor initially made his way to work under the blissful obliviousness of thinking there wasn't a curse today. You're welcome to grab him here.

While at work, on lunch, &c., he was on somewhat high alert, to the point of sonicing the molecular structure of mistletoe when it seemed like those nearby might be under their effects. This didn't work. Then skedaddling was involved.

Finally walking back to his flat, he was of the opinion that most people would have gotten most of this out of their systems, or at the very least were finished with the day's activities and wouldn't be something he needed to be worried about as surely they would be in their own homes and flats and not outside where he could run into them.

Feel free to find him at any or multiples of these times of day and locations.

ooc: I gave in. It looks like fun and I hadn't posted this month yet anyway.]

022 ▌Intentional Recording [video]
action: sonicing
[The Device switches on, and the Doctor's face quickly comes into focus.] The Weeping Angels - by now you've all noticed the danger there, just don't take your eyes off them, even for a second. Don't take a photo of them, or film them, or anything. I'm setting up a perimetre around the Torchwood hub, you need to come down here. We'll put you in one of the rooms, it's the best I can do until I work out what it is they want.

But you have to get here!

021 ▌Accidental Recording [video]
what: back squared glasses
[The feed starts - the Doctor was clearly in the middle of doing something but has since been interrupted by a very particular vision. He saw, as though he were Rose, so directly from her POV, any clips from this that have Rose iam_thebadwolf in them. He comes out of it with a bit of a start, and then barely gets the time to start processing what he just saw and then he hears Rose in the other room and immediately gets up and runs over to her.]

020 ▌Accidental Recording
anim: bored now
[The Doctor is fiddling with his device when it comes on by accident, somewhat awkwardly switching one-handed between a handful of tools and implementing them. It's very, very easy to see Rose just off to his side, because she's very close. The reason for this isn't apparent until he instinctively tries to use both hands and her hand comes into frame with his, along with a lovely pair of handcuffs. He holds off from making a mildly annoyed sound and goes back to using the one hand for all of a few seconds and then decides this is not going to work.]

Rose, can I use your hand for a moment?

019 ▌Intentional Recording
anim: bored now
[There isn't actually anything in the frame as of about four seconds into the start of the feed, as he lost interest in the time it took to turn on and look into the device. There is, however, a semi-conspicuous pile of empty wrappers barely visible.]

018 ▌Accidentally Intentional Recording
idiots: looking at video recorder
[There is mostly some sort of noise of exclamation emanating from the bathroomy area of the flat the Doctor and Rose share. The device has been left on some magical flat surface in the kitchen, since neither of us knows how much furniture they actually have. It doesn't take long before the Doctor comes out of the bathroom, trousers on and towel draped over his shoulders, most of his torso, and totally covering his head. He's ostensibly drying his hair, rubbing the towel over his head like that.] There is no way this is a curse. Nope. Not that fast. Isn't that right, Mr.... Whatsyourname. Mr. Whatsyourname and Mrs. Whereveyougoneofftonow. Collective middle name of Stopeatingthat. Bunnies! Rose brings home bunnies. Not that I have a problem with bunnies. [At this point he is clearly avoiding stepping on rabbits just as much as he is clearly talking to the rabbits as he gets what he came to the kitchen for - a bowl of cocoa pebbles - assembled.] You're small and fluffy and right adorable - you're just not what I was expecting. I don't know what to do with rabbits. I've accidentally scared whatsyourname off to the other side of the flat twice today and both of you stopeatingthat's are going to ruin the wiring. Again. The first time it was my fault, but I've already told Rose it was you, so it looks like if you actually do do it, it'll be a trend. I'll be off the hook forever! There's some wiring a bit exposed if you can pull up the corner carpet in her room, I think. Have at it, Whereveyougoneofftonow. ...Wherever you actually are..

[At this point, he has his cereal all prepared and has started in on it, and just now spots the device, openly recording. There's a beat, and then he decides to just go with it. What the hell. He gets closer to it.] And you, Miss Rose Tyler, I know this- [He pulls the towel off his head and lets it rest around his shoulders, revealing very, very, not just-sort-of-brown hair, but ginger hair.] - was your doing.

(no subject)
action: sonicing
[He's doing something. When is he not. The last time these people started showing up, Rose came back for a little while. So many people have showed up between now and then and he's not sure he knows what he feels like now that it's happening again. So he's going to sit and keep working and pretend like he doesn't notice, even though he's actually paying a lot of attention.]

[ooc: go for it! absolutely anything works for me.]


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